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Put your hands up 
where I can see 'em 
Keep your mouth shut 
I don't need no reason 
Hands in the air, knees on the ground 
Standard policing 
You can try to run 
but it's always open season 

And these roots run deep 
through our collective souls 
yielding a thousand mines 
just dying to explode 
obey the code 

All eyes are on you 
So suspicious 
Some boys in blue 
got you on their hit list 
Hands on the wall feet spread apart 
Your praying for a witness 
Though you try to comply 
He'll say that you resisted 

And these lies bleed red 
and they stain every street 
same color as the sins 
we're destined to repeat 
pointy white sheets 

I feared for my life 
so I had to waste him 
Let the spin begin 
covering their bases 
He's a judge, jury and executioner 
keep 'em in their places 
You suffered the consequence 
of being the wrong race, kid 

I didn't pull the trigger 
but we're all to blame 
And if this fight goes quiet 
say their names 
say their names 
say their names